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Friday, February 1, 2019

Redwood Forest

We have visited the Redwood forest multiple times now. It has quickly become one of our favourite places to go. It has such a calming effect. Aunty Oilee explained that the Japanese call it 'forest-bathing'. A very apt description, undoubtedly an experience that can lower one's blood pressure or melt the stress of life away. This time around, we brought along a mat and I actually got to lie down and stare up into the trees. It was amazing. The cosy feeling was lulling me to sleep.

There are winding roads leading to the forest which makes C queasy, but it is still one of his favourite places. When we ask him where he wants go, he always says Redwood or Philip Island. He likes the streams a lot but we like the trees a lot so this place is a nice compromise between the two. There are man-made nests from fallen branches adding to the whimsy of the place. The forest is always cool inside whether or not outside is hot.

This time we all went for a dip in the stream. It was so much fun. Some steps over smaller stones felt like reflexology. Callum enjoyed the stream very much as well as sitting on a suspended log.

Aunty Oi Lee's impressive rock stack.

Someone made a teepee out of fallen branches.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Nobbies and Forest Caves

When I visited Australia for the first time back when I was 15 (I want to say?), my aunt brought us to the Nobbies and it became my favourite place in the world. I instantly fell in love with the cliffs, wind and the sea. I wax nostalgic about the Nobbies all the time and remember not wanting to leave the boardwalk even though it was freezing cold the first time. I would live there forever if I could. No other place has left quite the impression on me up till I knew of Santorini in my later teens which has a different but also very special place in my heart. This is why I was so thrilled to have the luxury of frequenting the Nobbies now more often, being in Melbourne. The wonders of nature never fails to point me heavenward.

Definitely bring a jacket as the strong winds are one of the best features of the Nobbies experience.

The jaw-dropping colours of the cliff. How is this real???

I cannot look away. I cannot look away.

My happy place.

There's nothing better than watching giant waves crash against the rocks and the white bubbly foam that comes after. The water is a brilliant aqua. 

On our way home this round, we decided to make a stop at Forest Caves not knowing what to expect at all. We climbed up some flights of stairs and down to the shore. 

Trudging through the sand carrying a toddler is quite the challenge. Our calves ached for days afterwards.

We proceeded to walk quite a bit until we reached a rocky formation.
It wasn't hard to spot the caves. The waves would rush in and flood the caverns. You could tell that once the tide rose, a good part of the caves would be submerged. We could walk above the caves and look below to see how the waters rushed in and out.

It was fascinating how you could actually stand inside this area when the waves drew back.

Would go back most definitely. 

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Just My Year: Hello Melbourne!

Given the neglect in updating for a year and a half, I'm just going to do a giant memory dump. 
I present....... 
'Just My Year' 2018. 

  • Hello again Hanging Rock!

  • Hello, view from our first Airbnb in Melbourne!

  • Hello Melbourne Law School!

  • Hello Parkville, Goodbye Parkville!

  • Hello Moldy Fig!

  • Hello again and again Elwood Beach!

  • Hello Super Sun, Costco and Botanical Gardens!

  • Hello Melbourne Zoo!

  • Hello driving licence!

  • Hello drums and baking with Callum!

  • Hello 5-gu-che and 5-gu-cheong!

  • Hello new home!
Harold's Planet » H1539 » New Home - Clare Maddicott Publications - Greeting cards, gift wrap & stationery

  • Hello children's centre! 

  • Hello again Melbourne Law School (this time for my work)!

  • Hello construction site! Hello bicycle!

  • Hello friends and family!

  • Hello Aunty Oi Lee's cooking and Callum's noodle-craze!

  • Hello Clare Rewcastle-Brown!

  • Hello Callum's little friends!

  • Goodbye egg allergy! Hello hard-boiled, omelettes, kimchi egg, ramen egg, quiches, scrambled and more!
  • Hello Melbourne Star!

  • Hello again and again Redwood Forest! 

  • Hello again and again, Yarra Valley!

  • Hello Digger-Operator Callum and friends!

  • Merry Christmas Melbourne!

A year of much growth and joy. Onwards to 2019!